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A Simple & Straightforward Approach for Employers and Interns

Our Internship division was formed with the aim of being the easiest possible way for employers and future junior hires to connect online. We provide our students the opportunity to create a detailed profile which automatically matches talented interns with top employers and relieve the time-consuming burden of repetitive job posting and application processes, whilst also opening up market visibility for interns and employers alike.

Instant Matching

Candidate enables students, graduates and MBAs who join our rapidly growing private directory to create detailed interactive profiles which can be shared by hiring organisations. Our system provides automatic matches, and features comprehensive information for each profile which allows employers to pinpoint the right people in a matter of clicks.

Detailed Profiles

Unlike any other solution, students and graduates update a single professional profile throughout their university career and provide rich information about their interests, achievements, and on-going availability, rather than giving a fraction of this detail on a vacancy by vacancy basis.

Better Quality Connections, Faster

Our unique profiling system means that employers are now able to make faster and better connections with the right talent pool at the right time, and students and graduates are placed in the unique position of being headhunted for great internships.

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