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Why Us

What sets us apart from the rest?

We manage our business with a 4 point agenda that sets us apart from the rest

1. Industry focus and experience

We pride ourselves on ensuring our recruiters come from an industry background. They have working knowledge of the particular sector and would have an improved understand of the hiring managers needs

2. We train our candidates so you don’t have too!

As part of the on boarding process, we will ensure that out selected candidate is trained at a basic industry benchmark level. Although the candidate will have the required skills and experience to match the role, we will ensure they receive a set of standard soft skills training along with basic level industry training.


Operations Analyst for Bank A.

  • Industry training : AML, Financial crime, Security, 3 lines of defense, Ops risk, Risk appetite
  • Option Soft skills training: Time-management, written and oral communication, problem solving, etc. Industry training can include but not limited to
    AML, financial crime, security resilience

3. Quality pre-screening process

We don’t send out CV’s to our clients to make up the numbers. Our value add is to pre-screen the candidates so that our clients don’t have too. Our target is to ensure all CVs passed to our clients are a good fit for the role. Our recruiters will have a clear understanding of your requirements and will keep this in mind when going through our talent pool.

4. Post-placement support

Once we have placed someone at your firm, this would not be the end of our involvement. We stay engaged with yourself and the employee to help ensure you have made the right choice. This would be reflected in our contractual obligations to you. We touch base regularly with you and the employees with a view to ensure all parties are satisfied.

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